Michele said “Hi”

Michele noticed Russell sitting a few tables away from her at Global Village. She recognized him from class and introduced herself. She asked how Russell did on his latest paper. Russell was shy and the conversation lasted two minutes (if that.)

February 3rd

Russell needed a seat

After class, Russell walked into Global Village. The only open seat was at Michele’s table. He asked to join and they got to know each other a little better. Russell and Michele had coffee every Tuesday and Thursday after class for the rest of the semester.

February 5th

First Date

A week after Russell asked for Michele’s number in a Facebook message, they went on their first date. They had dinner at El Rodeo and watched Amelie (foreshadowing a trip to Paris).

April 24th

First trip as a couple

Russell and Michele’s first trip together was to the beach with their Technician and Agromeck friends. Someone took their first photo together at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

May 9th

First trip home to Washington, D.C.

Russell and Michele’s first road trip was to Washington D.C. Russell showed Michele where he grew up in Annandale, VA. More importantly, Michele wanted to go to the zoo. She loves ocelots.

July 13th

Halloween #1: Bonnie and Clyde

Russell and Michele dressed up as partners in crime.

October 31st

Graduated from N.C. State

Michele and Russell graduated from N.C. State. Russell got a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Michele got a Bachelors of Arts in Communication.

Michele might not have a degree if Russell didn’t help her pass online bowling with many practice rounds at The Alley.

May 15th

Halloween #2 – Buddy Holly and 1950’s girl

Michele bought this poodle skirt and made Russell dress up as Buddy Holly. He loved the glasses!

October 31st

Celebrating in his(their) first home

After 10 months apart (he lived in Wilmington, she lived in Raleigh) and a couple months in transit, Russell bought his first home. Michele “surprised” him with a birthday celebration in his new kitchen. This was the first of many good memories made in their first home together.

August 7th

Halloween #3 – Pumpkin carving party

Can you tell which pumpkin belongs to the groom?

October 31st

First Christmas Tree

Michele and Russell’s first Christmas tree was N.C. State themed.

December 3rd

NYE Trip to Miami and Savannah

Michele flew down to Miami to celebrate New Years with Russell. They drove back up to North Carolina together and made a pit stop in Savannah, GA, where they stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast. Ask Russell to tell you about the disappointment upon arrival.

January 1st

Adopted JD

After much convincing (maybe not that much), Russell and Michele adopted a dog together. Russell wanted a collie, but fell in love with JD when he showed off his fetching skills at the Wake County SPCA. JD was a belated anniversary gift for Michele.

April 28th

Such great heights on Halloween

Flight attendant + Fighter pilot

October 31st

A weekend in Asheville

Russell and Michele conquered The Biltmore’s wine tour.

June 15th

Viva Las Vegas!

Russell and Michele took a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Russell’s birthday. They took a helicopter ride over the strip, went to see Beatles Love by Cirque Du Solei and ate dinner at Picasso.

Russell convinced Michele to walk down the entire Las Vegas strip. They started at the Venetian where they stayed, looped around at the bridge near Tropicana and walked all the way back. They also spent an hour lost in the MGM Grand — one of their favorite stories to tell people who mention they’re going to Sin City.

August 8th

Taking Halloween to the next level

Because YOLO.

October 31st

Russell and Michele take the Carribean

Michele joined the Witham Family on their annual Christmas cruise. They went to The Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Key West.

December 24th

Cherry blossoms at the Nation’s capital

Russell took Michele home so she could see cherry blossoms (i.e. the busiest weekend of the year where he’s from). Out of all of their photos throughout the years, this is Michele’s favorite.

April 10th

A trip across the pond

Russell and Michele spent a long weekend in London. She loved Harrods, he loved The London Gin Club. Russell also got interviewed in front of the British Museum about being an American tourist — his 5 seconds of fame.

May 8th

American Gothic

Michele and Russell took Halloween seriously this year.

October 31st

New York, NY

Michele and Russell enjoyed a long weekend in New York City. They went to see Le Mis and had the most amazing lunch at Per Se overlooking Central Park. Michele thought Russell was going to propose on this trip, but he had other plans.

January 22nd

A spur-of-the-moment trip to Paris

At this point, Michele was convinced Russell wouldn’t propose. They made a stop at The Lourve on their first day to take a selfie with Mona.

March 12th

She said yes

On their second day in Paris, Russell took Michele to lunch in the Eiffel Tower and a stroll in Luxembourg Gardens. He popped the question when she least expected it. How could she say no to this ring?

March 13th

Everything comes full circle

In the movie Amelie (the one Michele and Russell watched on their first date), photo booths play a key role in the plot. On their last night in Paris, they took pictures in the photo booth near their hotel. It was the perfect way to close the trip.

March 15th


Russell was a good sport about dressing up as an emoji.

October 31st

Taking on the Big Apple

Michele and Russell decided to take the next step in their careers by moving to New York City a few months before the wedding. Their new backyard is a fifteen minute walk away — Central Park. The dog loves it.

January 16th