Michele’s dream proposal was getting engaged in Paris. While looking for spring vacation ideas, Russell looked up flights to Paris and planned a last minute trip. He told Michele over and over again he was not proposing. She was disappointed, but became suspicious when he wouldn’t let her near the safe in their hotel room. On their second morning, Michele thought it would be fun to test him — she got ready for the day in front of the safe and asked him for her watch. Eventually she had to leave the room to put on lipstick and Russell was able to grab the ring.

Russell took Michele to lunch on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower at Le Jules Verne. Despite her attempts to spark a proposal, Russell didn’t flinch — he thought it was too cliché. He led the way to the Jardin du Luxembourg and found a bench with privacy.

While in conversation, Michele made a remark about not having a dreamy Eiffel Tower proposal. Russell replied, “Well, I am proposing today. I have something for you.” Michele was so shocked. She didn’t scream or cry, and doesn’t remember saying yes or hearing “will you marry me?” A few minutes later, Michele realized Russell didn’t get down on one knee. When she asked about it, he said he didn’t want to get his dress pants dirty. He already gave her the perfect proposal.

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